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Dr. Arturo Solis Herrera found out about melanin’s ability to convert light energy into chemical energy. He also discovered its skill in modifying a water molecule while investigating on the three main culprits behind blindness back in 1990. Although the concept of photosynthesis was solely associated with plants, Dr. Solis concluded that it is possible in humans as well.

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About the Author

Dr. Arturo Solis obtained his degree in medicine from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional’s Escuela Superior de Medicina. In 2009, the ophthalmologist founded the Human Photosynthesis Study Center, where he serves as the director.


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Written by Arturo Solis Herrera, MD, PhD

“The unsuspected capacity of melanin to transform light (visible and invisible) into chemical energy, through water dissociation, explains the presence of melanin in relatively dark sites of human body as substantia nigra and locus coeruleus.”

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